2path database

2path is a terpenoid metabolic network modeled and stored using a graph database, which aims to preserve important terpenoid biosynthesis characteristics and mitigate challenges in genome-scale storage metabolic networks.


Molecular Biology Laboratory

The Molecular Biology Laboratory of UnB develops basic and applied research in Molecular Biology of Filamentous and Dimorphic Fungi, Molecular Immunology, Molecular Biotechnology, Biochemistry of Oxidative Stress, and Bioinformatics tools development.

Research groups

Departamento de Biologia Celular

Department of Cell Biology

The Department of Cell Biology (CEL) was created in 1970 and is the largest of the departments of the Institute of Biological Sciences of the University of Brasília. It is made up of 44 professors and a staff of 16 administrative technicians. The CEL offers several semester courses in Biological Sciences, Biotechnology, Pharmacy, Chemistry, Nutrition, Medicine, Dentistry, Agronomy, Forestry and Veterinary Engineering. In addition to the classroom disciplines, supervised internships are offered that allow students to have early contact with the state of the art of cellular and molecular biological research. Regarding graduate, it should be noted that the CEL houses the Master's and PhD in Molecular Biology and a Masters in Biology of Microorganisms which have always received excellent ratings from CAPES.

Federal Institute of Goiás

The Federal Institute of Goiás, Campus Formosa, is a partner technical school. It offers regular courses of Biotechnology, Sanitation, Biology, Systems Developments, Civil Engineering and Social Sciences.